Metro Miami Yacht Rental Boarding

Miami has over 15 unique boarding marinas designed to provide wonderful tourism services, among others; counting with adequate facilities and access roads for visitors to carry out enjoyable activities in the waters of southern Florida, due to its privileged geographical position as well as the special features with which the city of Miami counts.

Metro Miami Yacht Rental Boarding is available to begin your custom yacht charter; there is nothing better than to plan a luxurious getaway inside our yachts. If you want to live a pleasant experience aboard luxury yachts in a remarkable and incomparable place do not miss this opportunity to make one of our excursions. From the famous Art Deco South Beach to the cosmopolitan downtown Miami or even in the charming Coconut Grove areas, the singular marina facilities are just steps away!

Miami Yacht Charter and the Beaches Charter Yacht will offer you only the best experiences on your stay in this all-in-one entertainment destination. After sailing across the South Florida seas, come and experience the different activities that will make you feel more in a vacation. Please contact us and enjoy an irreplaceable adventure aboard our Miami Yacht Charters.



Indulge yourself with the delights of Florida Cuisine has to offer, from gourmet to sandwiches, from Coconut Grove to North Miami, take a look at the list of restaurants on the water or a few short steps away from the marina. Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner or a relax but dynamic dinner, we offer a guide to experience authentically Florida cooking.



Small boutique to beachside resorts, this is a list of just a few of the amazing hotels in Metro-Miami. These hotels are dedicated to maximize your experience in the city with possibly the best views ever; delivering only top quality on their personalized services that will make you feel special.



When you think of Miami you automatically think about full entertainment! Miami is the place to be if you want to get out of your routine, all you need to work on is on your attitude to meet this incredible city. The opera, concerts, the circus… just a selection of the many entertaining venues to experience in Miami!

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To get the latest weather information for the Metro-Miami area, please select from one of the links below:

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