Ft. Lauderdale opens its doors to all the people who are willing to experience good taste in the typical cuisine. From Las Olas to Oakland Park, we provide a list of waterfront restaurants which has the highest standards of freshness in their foods and great ambience whether you are planning on eat something quick before your excursion or you would like to have a gourmet dinner near the coast, the Waterfront Restaurants will leave you wanting to return soon!


Take a look at the small boutique and beachside resorts that offer you incredible deals; from modern to classical style accommodations that provide direct access to the beautiful history of this city. In Water Fantaseas we put at your disposal the pleasure of vacationing with priceless experiences in every stay at these amazing hotels.


Amuse yourself with this Event List serving both locals and visitors. Enjoy live music, fine wine, kid’s entertainment, and art performances where you can be able to share moments with your friends and family. It doesn’t get much better than here. We offer you the best getaway ever! Take a look.



Indulge yourself with the delights of Florida Cuisine has to offer, from gourmet to sandwiches, from Coconut Grove to North Miami, take a look at the list of restaurants on the water or a few short steps away from the marina. Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner or a relax but dynamic dinner, we offer a guide to experience authentically Florida cooking.



Small boutique to beachside resorts, this is a list of just a few of the amazing hotels in Metro-Miami. These hotels are dedicated to maximize your experience in the city with possibly the best views ever; delivering only top quality on their personalized services that will make you feel special.



When you think of Miami you automatically think about full entertainment! Miami is the place to be if you want to get out of your routine, all you need to work on is on your attitude to meet this incredible city. The opera, concerts, the circus… just a selection of the many entertaining venues to experience in Miami!

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To get the latest weather information for the Metro-Miami area, please select from one of the links below:

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