A Yacht -The Perfect Venue for a Miami Wedding

Imagine walking up to the wedding deck on a yacht where your significant other is waiting for you to begin with a dazzling ceremony that will bind you two together for the good years to come…

Imagine the sea-kissed winds gently blowing through your hair, quietly ruffling up your precious and beautiful wedding dress – and imagine exchanging vows with your loved one as the setting sun witnesses your beautiful event and shines-in joy.

Yacht weddings are both luxurious and extravagant yet also exquisite and unique, making for a great event that everyone is sure to remember in days to come. This is one grand event where you can go big – and the bigger you plan, the better it will be! Water Fantaseas can help you find the perfect vessel for your event, whether a small or large event, we can accommodate any need.

Yachts are not simply luxury boats – they stand to mean something significant, and your wedding will be an event in your life that you’ll definitely want everyone to remember! Think a moment as well about the benefits you can enjoy when you book a yacht for your wedding: Getting married on a yacht is convenient with everything in one location, they are big enough to accommodate medium and large gatherings where the event is custom tailored to you! As well, yachts offer full professional kitchens where our chefs can easily prepare delicious meals. Of course, the yacht itself will be fully air-conditioned, providing a comfortable space for any wedding activity – especially important in South Florida.

Furthermore, Water Fantaseas can help you will find all the services needed for your wedding. Without having to deal with multiple vendors and contractors, we offer all inclusive packages to make your day as simply as just showing up.

After the wedding ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy a wonderful dinner cruise out on the water. The possibilities are truly endless – for example, the beautiful night time views during a full moon where you and your partner can have your first dance under the open starry night with the Miami skyline as beautiful backdrop.

Your yacht wedding will give everybody a chance to relax and enjoy the unmistakable sights from the water. Likewise, as part of your wedding, your guests will be able to relax on deck, catch the sunset, and of course dance the night away!

Be different, you will not regret it. Yacht weddings are memorable experiences, your guests will be thankful, and you’ll be happy to have made that choice. For information on how we can specifically help you plan the perfect yacht wedding, call us today: (305) 531-1480.