Safety recommendations for pleasant navigation

Go sailing with a yacht charter in Miami. A wonderful experience, but, it is true that you must do it with the greatest safety possible, it is very important for the welfare of all. If you rent a boat in Miami or catamaran for a vacation, pay attention to this entry, it is advisable to consider some basic recommendations.

First, the most important thing is to be aware of the weather. If you have a boat party in Miami or if you have a boat wedding in Miami you should not go out to sea in case of bad weather forecast, nor if there is poor visibility. It is not worth taking risks, it is better to postpone your departure and leave the yacht party for another time. With good weather you will enjoy much more of the sea and the boat party or your boat wedding, you will have a better navigation and in addition, you will be able to bathe or to make aquatic sports.

Secondly, ensure that you have everything you need in the ship in case there are any problems, such as: Life jackets, harnesses, sound signals. Check that the communication equipment works perfectly, you cannot miss a first aid kit and, of course, be very well supplied of water and food. It is preferable to avoid going out to sail at dusk, but if you do, do it better with company.

When you get on a boat rent in Miami, it is convenient that you don’t suffer from sea-sickness. Half an hour before embarking it will help you to take a Biodramina, is one of the more effective medicines and well known. Once you are on the boat party you should be located in the most appropriate place, this is usually the deck or at the bow, looking at the horizon is much better than fixing the look in nearby places. Avoid getting indoors, cabins, etc. It is very important that you try not to board the boat with an empty stomach, but neither eat before foods too fat that will make you feel too heavy and bad. Alcohol is not too advisable either, but in a boat wedding in Miami or a boat party in Miami, we will make an exception

Are you going to spend the night in a yacht charter in Miami at your favorite place? If the boat is yours it is very good idea to have the Leds submersible lights installed, some of them stand out due to their simple installation without making big perforations.

The water of the sea illuminated at night is a frame of undeniable attraction, you will add a touch of style very special to your evenings. This will give you more confidence and tranquility while you are swimming.

We truly hope that this article will help you next time you rent in Miami a yacht party or a boat wedding. See you!

5 basic tips that you should keep in mind when renting a boat or a yacht in Miami

Let’s start from the beginning. You have decided with your family to charter a yacht in Miami to spend an unforgettable holiday. But you do not want to have bitter surprises and above all, you care about safety. So here go our recommendations:


1. Acquire a Nautical Guide of Miami with detailed information of ports and marinas, with telephone numbers and description of services of each one. The more complete the better, you will have all the information in case you need it. In the following posts we will speak more extensively of travel guides and where to acquire them.

2. Have weather information updated. This is vital for safe navigation. Although you are renting a yacht in Miami (where the weather is usually stable), you should obtain the maps of the evolution of wind and waves. These will allow us to be able to trace the most suitable route to follow and obtain the safest moorings.

3. Check equipment and safety features on board. Parties in boats and yachts are really fun, but before leaving the port, you must verify that the boat has all the equipment of security, rescue, fire, navigation and prevention of discharges, all of them obligatory by law. We suggest that you locate the fire extinguishers and check their date of revision.

4. Knows and controls communications on the high seas. For a mind in peace about your navigation, the best is to have clear with the authorities and the relevant channels which you must contact with in case of suffering a mishap. Obtaining this information in the Miami’s port will not cost you more than 30 seconds and check that the communications channels in the yacht you have chartered work. This will make it easier the sailing.

5. Save fresh water. Although it is not important in a party in a yacht, we have to take in care that we navigate in salty sea; so fresh water is a precious commodity in our boat. The tanks oscillate between 200 and 350 liters, so do not waste it in the showers and toilets, nor when it comes to cooking.


Hope that these 5 tips have been useful to you, but surely you can think of some more because in safety matters any precaution is paltry. See you!

Save the date for the biggest boating event in Miami

Get ready for the world’s greatest and largest boating show! This year’s Miami International Boat Show will be bigger and better. Featuring more than 1,300 boats on land and water and 1,100 exhibitions from all over the world, the show will be held on President’s Day weekend, February 16 – 20th. Returns to the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin on Virginia Key after relocating last year from its longtime home at the Miami Beach Convention Center.


Come check the most recent innovations and equipment in the boating industry. The latest accessories, marine electronics, engines, navigational material, waterproof boating gears and services will be showcased in the closed and open-air tented exhibit space. As well as the newest sailboats, luxurious yachts, sport fishing boats, party boats, family cruisers and powerboats.


Far from being just the ideal shopping destination for boating enthusiasts, the Miami International Boat Show is an action-packed five day experience. Attendees will be able to enjoy on-the-water boating workshops, daily seminars and paddle sport demos while tasting a wide variety of mouthwatering food options that will be catered in several restaurants right on site.


Come to the show by land or sea! The Miami Boat Show has improved its transportation plan by doubling the capacity and increasing the number of water taxis and having shuttle buses circulate from fewer departure locations. Park at designated off-site locations and travel to the show via shuttle bus or water taxi.


But if you are looking for a unique way to experience what Miami’s International Boat show has to offer, forget about shuttle buses, electric scooter rentals or water taxis and rent a yacht! This is the perfect way to navigate comfortably from show to show and enjoy the stunning Miami skyline views while having a scintillating boat party.


If you are thinking about renting a yacht  Water Fantaseas will make sure you and your guests have the time of your lives! Call us today to plan an unforgettable trip or to learn more about our services: (305) 531-1480

Looking for a unique venue for your wedding? What about having your boat wedding in Miami?

Did you know that almost 40% of all engagements happen between the months of November through February? The holiday season is the perfect time for engagements, as many couples spend time with their family and friends. Which means newly engaged couples everywhere are starting to plan their perfect wedding to ensure an unforgettable night in Miami.

Before you start looking for the right venue, just imagine the soothing sounds of water, the salty breeze on your face, and the warm setting sun wrapped around you and your fiancé as you dance to your first song as a married couple. It’s difficult not to imagine your wedding reception anywhere other than on a wedding boat in Miami.

Lucky for you Waterfantaseas has a wide variety of party boats to be rented in Miami. Maybe you are wondering how will you be able to fit all your guests, the reception or even the dancefloor on a boat. But let us tell you that you will be surprised to learn how spacious and accommodating wedding boats in Miami can be. Waterfantaseas has numerous luxury yachts rentals in Miami that will fit your needs.

If you are willing to go over the top with your wedding and are searching for the right boat to rent, the 122´ Winslow Marine is the right fit for you. This classic 122’ yacht is one of the few luxury party yachts afloat that offer guests the classic opulence of days gone by. A full gourmet galley offers the ability for superbly catered dinners to occur and on the enormous sun deck, tables will be set-up for dining with a capacity of seating over 115 guests. This classic yacht is sure to leave lasting memories at your boat wedding party in Miami.

If you are thinking of organizing a smaller reception the 100’ Midnight Sun Yacht is what you’ve been looking for. This rental party yacht is a two-level vessel equipped with large open decked outdoor spaces. Professional staff will serve delicious food and cocktails throughout the night at the spacious and well appointed dining room, with a capacity of seating up to 92 guests. It will be the ideal place to have a dream boat wedding.

If you rather have a more intimate reception the 80′ Solstice will be more than enough for your wedding boat party in Miami. This rental party yacht is a unique two-level vessel with the capacity of seating up to 49 guests. The party boat is equipped with wonderful outdoors areas and three superbly decorated staterooms. Guests are greeted by a luxurious salon, a spacious dining room and full galley with high-end stainless steel appliances.

These are three of the magnificent yacht party rentals that we offer, to name a few, but we would be more than glad to assist you on deciding which party boat fits your needs better.

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