Valentines Day with us

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and as the date approaches couples in love are set to celebrate the day of love and romance by overflowing bars and restaurants, especially in Miami. If you are tired of strolling through an overwhelming aisle of teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolates, flower bouquets, heart shaped candy, cheesy rom-coms and lovey-dovey cards, we got exactly what you need!

Chances are you are not alone when it comes to being single and over Valentine’s Day, so don’t despair. Instead of throwing yourself a pity party, organize a legitimate and unique Anti-Valentine’s Day yatching party in Miami.

Whether you’re thinking of throwing a raging party or a small gathering, Water Fantaseas got you covered. Check out these luxury charter yachts and get ready to organize the best Anti-Valentine’s boat party ever!

If you are having a large gathering the 100’ Midnight Sun Yacht is what you’ve been looking for. This rental party yacht is a two-level vessel equipped with large open decked outdoor spaces. Professional and friendly staff will serve delicious food and cocktails throughout the night at the spacious and well appointed dining room, with a capacity of seating up to 92 guests. The ideal venue to dance the night away!

If you are thinking of hosting a smaller gathering the 80′ Solstice is the perfect fit for you. This rental party yacht is truly a unique two-level vessel with the capacity of seating up to 49 guests. The party boat is equipped with wonderful al fresco areas and three superbly decorated staterooms to be enjoyed. Guests are greeted by a luxurious salon, a spacious dining room and full galley with high-end stainless steel appliances.

So what are you waiting for? Charter a yacht and take in the beautiful views Miami has to offer, while the DJ sets the mood for an evening full of the hottest tracks to dance, rock out and sing along. Decorate the boat with black roses and dark colored streamers or buy some traditional Valentine’s Day decorations – hearts, cupids, banners – and deface them as you please. Mark the date and get ready to send out invitations to all your single friends!

Water Fantaseas can help you plan just the perfect event! Call us today to enquire more about our services: (305) 531-1480

The ultimate guide to Throwing the perfect Miami Yacht Party

Nothing spells class and style more than yacht parties do. Though they can be casual and fun, they can also be simply some of the most elegant and extravagant events. Yacht parties require precise planning in all aspects, including the food, the dress code, safety, and music.

Considering that Miami has year-round warm weather, you can celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a holiday party or even a corporate event — anytime. Throwing a party on a Miami yacht rental can be the ultimate surprise for your friends, family, and colleagues.

With calculated planning, you can have the party of the year: one that’ll linger in your guest’s memory for a long time. To help you out, here are five tips on creating the perfect yachting party.

One: Plan Your Budget

When creating a Miami yacht party, you will have endless possibilities when it comes to food, drinks and entertainment, but all of these come at a price. You will have different rental packages and amenities to choose from and you can definitely find something that will suit your budget.

Two: The Number of Guests

Depending on the type of party you intend to create, consider the number of guests you want to invite. This will help you determine the size of the rental you ought to hire as well as the amount of food and drinks to be catered onboard – at Water Fantaseas, we can help you plan accordingly.

Some yachts are perfect for just 2 guests, others allow for up to 12, while other accommodate anywhere from 40, 100 and upward to 400 or more guests, and when you know the size you want, our company will work with you to figure out space configuration. Invite your guests early in case of cancellations.

Three: Food and Entertainment

Food- Remember that people get hungry – pretty fast. When hosting a yacht party, anticipate how many hours (or days) you’ll be out in sea, and plan meals accordingly. Water Fantaseas can help you plan anything from a casual breakfast, hearty lunch, or even a sit down dinner. In fact, you can have a combination depending on the party.

Drinks- No matter the kind of party you want, drinks are a top priority. Think about the amount of people that will be attending and the format in which you will offer the drinks: you can have an open bar as well as a cordial catered service, while on some private yachts, you can also ask your guests to bring their own beverages. And if it is in your liking, a juice bar or a coffee station can also be arranged.

Music- The music depends on the guests and the type of party as well. You can have a DJ, a Jazz band or even Karaoke. There are options for all budgets.

Four: Safety

Water Fantaseas will see to it that you and your guests are safe and that the mechanics of the vessel are thoroughly checked. Of course, you must know that you should not overcrowd a yacht for safety reasons. See to it that all the safety measures are in place and that the guests are well informed. Water Fantaseas puts safety first, beyond anything.

Five: Dress Code

Yacht parties mean spending time in an open place so make sure the dress code is in everyone’s convenience. Be sure to communicate what the dress code of your party will be in your invitation in order to avoid discomforts.