Safety recommendations for pleasant navigation

Go sailing with a yacht charter in Miami. A wonderful experience, but, it is true that you must do it with the greatest safety possible, it is very important for the welfare of all. If you rent a boat in Miami or catamaran for a vacation, pay attention to this entry, it is advisable to consider some basic recommendations.

First, the most important thing is to be aware of the weather. If you have a boat party in Miami or if you have a boat wedding in Miami you should not go out to sea in case of bad weather forecast, nor if there is poor visibility. It is not worth taking risks, it is better to postpone your departure and leave the yacht party for another time. With good weather you will enjoy much more of the sea and the boat party or your boat wedding, you will have a better navigation and in addition, you will be able to bathe or to make aquatic sports.

Secondly, ensure that you have everything you need in the ship in case there are any problems, such as: Life jackets, harnesses, sound signals. Check that the communication equipment works perfectly, you cannot miss a first aid kit and, of course, be very well supplied of water and food. It is preferable to avoid going out to sail at dusk, but if you do, do it better with company.

When you get on a boat rent in Miami, it is convenient that you don’t suffer from sea-sickness. Half an hour before embarking it will help you to take a Biodramina, is one of the more effective medicines and well known. Once you are on the boat party you should be located in the most appropriate place, this is usually the deck or at the bow, looking at the horizon is much better than fixing the look in nearby places. Avoid getting indoors, cabins, etc. It is very important that you try not to board the boat with an empty stomach, but neither eat before foods too fat that will make you feel too heavy and bad. Alcohol is not too advisable either, but in a boat wedding in Miami or a boat party in Miami, we will make an exception

Are you going to spend the night in a yacht charter in Miami at your favorite place? If the boat is yours it is very good idea to have the Leds submersible lights installed, some of them stand out due to their simple installation without making big perforations.

The water of the sea illuminated at night is a frame of undeniable attraction, you will add a touch of style very special to your evenings. This will give you more confidence and tranquility while you are swimming.

We truly hope that this article will help you next time you rent in Miami a yacht party or a boat wedding. See you!

Show Mom How Much You Care With a Yacht Cruise This Mother’s Day

For this Mother’s Day, there is no better way to celebrate mom than by celebrating her day onboard a privately chartered yacht. Water Fantaseas: Miami’s premiere party yacht rental company, offers a wide selection of vessels and packages well suited for such family gatherings. With private vessels able to accommodate groups of 2 to 12, and party yachts of up to 400+ guests, there is no excuse not to give mom a day that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Imagine this: you casually pick up your mom up and instead of driving her to the same old restaurant, you take her to the marina to board the 80-foot Solstice luxury yacht. Even before boarding the three-deck vessel, the look in her eyes will be a sight that you will cherish for years to come. Upon boarding and being greeted by a courteous and professional crew, mom will no doubt feel like royalty.

With an onboard chef, mom can be surrounded by all of her loved ones in the salon and dining room of the main deck enjoying a festive meal that no Sunday brunch could ever match.


Of course, spending a family event on a yacht covers much more than just dining. The upper deck of the Solstice is ideal for taking the sun, and watching the sunset go down with the Miami skyline as a backdrop. Equipped with an open-air area as well as a covered seating area, the entire family will marvel at the level of luxury and accommodation.

When the time comes to liven up the atmosphere, you will enjoy a state-of-the-art sound system, as well as satellite radio and television. Whatever your family enjoys doing during Mother’s Day gatherings, it can be done onboard of one of our yachts: whether it be dining, dancing, conversation, sunbathing, sailing, or simply enjoying the majestic views — anything is possible.

Families come in all sizes. If your Mother’s Day gathering is on the small or large end of the scale, Water Fantaseas has the yacht that is right for you. And by the way, spending the day on a yacht is the perfect incentive to bring the larger segments of the family together, and it can easily become one of the most iconic moments for the whole family.

From childhood, we all want to impress our mothers and show them how much we love them — how much we appreciate everything that they do for us. While no mom expects a yacht cruise, every mom definitely deserves one. A yacht rental from Water Fantaseas on Mother’s Day is the best way to guarantee that your mom gets an experience that she will adore.

Let Water Fantaseas take care of your mother’s day excursion, call us today to enquire more about our specific packages: (305) 531-1480.