Sailboat Rental Miami

Many people who have travelled on boats have often had a completely different idea of what boating is all about. They either thought they were in for an afternoon of sunburns, a fishy smell, cold breezes, annoying sea spray and the loud hum of a rusty engine; or had the idea that they were going to board a wooden vessel, very old fashioned, with a mast, an anchor, a dirty sailor crew and pretty much a boat that had sails on it. Now for the first scenario, in our specific case, you are very mistaken. As for the second…we understand. However, having a sailing boat is possible, without that feel of abandon and mold that antique boats used to have, and constitutes a classic approach to sailing on a calm sea in a clean and crisp South Florida afternoon.

Sailboats offer limitless opportunities, also, please ask for our specialty Miami party yacht rental service offerings, we can help you create the sailboat boat party of your dreams.

But let us tell you this, if its sails you’re looking for, then most definitely sails is what you’re going to get.

Sailboats offer our seafaring clients the opportunity to board a vessel with all the amenities of the modern world, but also the refined feel of a classic sail boat of the early 20th century. Wood finishes, a sleek mast and beautifully crafted aft decks, our sail boats aim to please even the most refined and knowledgeable customers.

A much more intimate affair, sailboats are regularly accommodating for six guests, which is ideal for a small direct family gathering or a reunion with your closest friends, most likely spent remembering good times and events, while creating new memories to last you for years to come. A sail boat ride constitutes a unique experience, and on certain models can actually fit from 12 to 45 passengers, so it doesn’t have to be only a small affair. Commandeer a vessel the old fashioned way and impress family and friends alike with a boating experience that was previously reserved for only the wealthiest people in America.

So come along on one of our expertly crafted and expertly staffed sail boats that are always ready to fill your sailing needs. Try out our extensive variety of vessels that are sure to make your next boating trip one to talk about for a long time, with relatives and co-workers alike.

Hop on board on our 41’ and 44’ Hunter Marine models, which offer a great experience for you and your family. Whether sailing for a day or perhaps several, the 44’ and 41’ Hunter Marine models are the perfect choice for those wanting the quality and style that only Hunter can offer. If you are however looking for something a tad bigger, then our 84′ Topsail Schooner is the one for you. A two mast topsail passenger schooner operating under the U.S. Flag. She is 85 feet in length, weighs 47 tons, and is fully Coast Guard inspected for safety. Certified to carry up to 49 passengers, she is ideal for corporate charters or other moderate sized groups, so get on and get sailing today!

We hope you have a nice trip with us, and remember, here at Water Fantaseas, your sailboat fantasies can come true always striving for Luxury, Elegance and Perfection.

Catamaran Rental Miami

May people in the South Florida area are well accustomed to boat rental services. However, to those with a more knowledgeable and demanding taste, when it comes to boat rentals, a regular boat can be something of a disappointment. However there is a certain line of boats that very few people know of, or appreciate enough to try out, and that is Catamaran boats.

Catamarans are also boats that offer a wonderful setting for hosting the perfect party, our Miami party yacht services will ensure that you will have just the perfect celebration with your friends and loved ones. For further information of we can help you host the perfect celebration, call us today!

The word catamaran is derived from the Tamil word kaṭṭumaram literally "tied wood" .A "kattumaram", a geometry-stabilized rowboat used by the Tamil people, shares component part-names with the proa, a multihull sailboat used by the Oceanic people. Although the original "kattumaram" included a monohull raft, the modern word catamaran exclusively means a twin-hulled vessel.

A catamaran is geometry-stabilized which means it derives its stability from its wide beam. Being ballast-free and lighter than a monohull, a catamaran can have a very shallow draught. The two hulls will be much finer than a monohull's, the reduced drag allowing faster speeds.

Catamarans, or Cats as they’re known in the business are more related in popular imagination to row boats and row competitions on the English canal, but can actually be used by multiple passengers that don’t have to go through the whole rowing process! A catamaran can seat either two or up to 40 guests, but you have to warn them beforehand that this is no beginner’s boat ride. Most of these boats come with a large trampoline net to take a dive directly into the water as well as steps leading directly into the water aft.

As such, a Catamaran is a vessel that is preferred by a knowledgeable consumer, who knows it has a rather unsettling "hobby-horse" motion, yet are looking for a faster and more complete boating experience. Which is why here at Waterfantaseas, we offer an extensive line of Catamaran vessels to fill the most demanding needs.

So come on in today and enjoy our huge selection of Catamaran boats, such as our 55’ Custom Catamaran models. With two of them at your disposal, you can enjoy a full day of sailing in the most luxurious way possible. Ideal for corporate incentive events, snorkeling trips or perhaps a sunset cocktail cruise, this vessel is very popular with those seeking the ability to experience the nature and beauty of the South Florida bay. If you’re looking for something more personal, how about our 41’ Jeanneau Lagoon? Featuring a large captain’s cabin with queen-size berth on the starboard side, with private head and shower, this boat charters for a half day or even a multi-term weekend.

We invite you to further explore this vessel and all others we offer you, and perhaps experience firsthand the features that make them so popular, here at Water Fantaseas.