Motor Yachts

Imagine being able to feel a wind-blowing experience all over your face while you travel the turquoise waters of Miami Beach; it is absolutely wonderful how the tropical weather we have in the South of Florida can take you to actually live the idea that you had of the best outdoor vacations.

With the Motor Yacht Rental we can provide you a different point of view to get away from the routine, relax for a while and enjoy your vacations. Luxury and style await you with our selection of elegant and stylish Motor yachts that will turn a typical boat ride into a beautiful and meaningful traveling experience. Nothing spells out high status like the bow of a High-end yacht, and you are sure to impress the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area residents with our great Luxury yacht charters. Let the wind uncombed you!

Bring along co-workers, employees or your significant other on this unforgettable cruise on Florida waters, and create memories and impressions that will remain forever in you and your loved one’s mind.

There is no comparison of the best scenario that we provide along with the most breath-taking sunsets of South Florida for your engagement, romantic dinner, and anniversary celebration. Can you ask for more?

Imagine yourself in the bow of one of our Luxury yachts, with the smell of the sea surrounding you and the deep sense of freedom the open sea entails. Now make your dream come true!

¨Once again, you all exceeded every expectation. My guests were truly overwhelmed with the experience.¨ – George

Speed Boat rentals in Miami

Some people are constantly looking for acceleration and speed in their lives. They buy sports cars and can’t wait to take them for fast rides down the freeway or highway. However, most are limited to the speed limit on that freeway or the traffic filled streets. Unable to continue to ride the freeway forever, eventually they realize they have to go back to the main roads.

What about off the freeway? What about off the mainland? What about…the open sea?

There’s no stoplights on the open sea, hardly any traffic, no physical limitation but the bay itself. You can reach speeds that are not easily available on land, you can feel the sea breeze on your hair and face, and you can watch the faces of the impressed area residents like a blur, as you speed away in search of the horizon. All of this can be yours, here at Water Fantaseas.

If you’re an adventure-seeking traveler or just a Speed boat aficionado in search of high speed cruising and the feel of the sea spray on your face while you rapidly ride the waves, Water Fantaseas can surely help you reach those speeds you’re aching for in one of our luxury Speed boats.

Experience the thrill and excitement of taking one of our Speed boats out for a fast paced, exhilarating ride across the Miami bay. Make no mistake, this is an experience in speed you will not want to miss out on, but don’t take our word for it, come on by and take a look at the boats we have available for your leisure. Able to accommodate up to 6 guests, be sure to take your friends, significant other or just enjoy the extra room for yourself aboard the best speed boats the South Florida bay has to offer!

With boats such as our 38’ Top Gun Speed Boat you’re in for a ride. A true Cigarette boat, this vessel offers high speed thrills and excitement to her guests. Or how about our 35’ Motion Catamaran? Offering some of the highest speeds, up to 105 mph, while slicing through the water on her dual catamaran style hull, a must see for speed junkies.

Maybe you would like to try out or 36’ Spectre Catamaran Speed Boat? The catamaran style hull offers not only a unique look but added stability as the vessel skims along the water at breath taking speeds.

So be sure to charter one of the vessels in our private collection, available for half day or full day, and able to go to speeds ranging from 65 to 90 mph. If you rent with us looking for speed, trust us when we say you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth!