Miami Luxury Mega Yachts

For certain people lucky enough to have experienced it, there’s a certain feeling that accompanies being in the presence of a man made vessel that is so complex that it actually achieves being at the same time monumental and beautiful.

Mega yachts are perfect vessels for all your celebratory needs, our Miami yacht charter services will exceed all of your needs. Call us today, to enquire on how we can help you host the perfect mega yacht party, whether it be for a corporate event, or for your friends and loved ones.

It is hard to describe to those who have not seen it for themselves. To have the privilege of bearing witness as something so vast moves through he waves can be exhilarating and a little frightening, but would most definitely make anyone feel as though they are part of some event or occurrence with a wider and more profound significance.

But how can you be part of this moment? How can you participate in one of the most meaningful experiences of your life?

We understand your needs, and as such, here at Water Fantaseas, always striving for perfection, and known for excellence, today we are privileged in being able to offer you this experience by putting at your disposal our wide selection of premiere, state of the art, luxuriously crafted Mega Yachts.

Why settle for a party of only 12 guests, when you can invite up to 100? Why settle for a salon when you can have a ballroom? Why go for a barbecue when you can have a buffet? When thinking of our mega yachts, trust us when we say you have to think BIG.

The ultimate form of cruising the high seas, our Mega Yachts come fully equipped to satisfy your every need. Sometimes described as a floating resort, if you’re looking to party it up with friends at a high school reunion; Want to chat it up with distant cousins in the yearly family reunion or get together; or want to know people from other branches of your corporation at a company picnic or booze cruise, you can be sure good times and great memories are waiting to become yours inside one of our Premiere Mega vessels.

So why not rent our Adriana III or Serenity Yachts, if you’re looking for something a little above 100ft. Or better yet hop onboard our 157′ Scott Free Luxury Mega Yachts or 147′ Aquasition Charter Yachts, and see why those extra 50 ft make a huge difference.

Ranging from 100 feet and up, Miami mega yacht charters provide the ultimate in class, style and pampering, providing amenities found only in the most expensive resorts. Waiters, music, food, drinks all that’s missing is you and your guests!

Here at Waterfantaseas you can always count on a friendly service and a great selection, so what are you waiting for? Try out or extensive line! And remember that these mega yachts charter for a minimum of one week, so clear up that calendar at start sailing!